• BOY Magazine is a Swedish fashion and beauty magazine started by Fredrik Robertsson and Robin Grann in 2015. The magazine is covering many topics including fashion, beauty, art and design. All proceeds from the magazine are donated to The Rainbow Foundation in Sweden. All issues are printed at TMG Sthlm using selected papers from Lessebo Paper and Antalis.

  • Cover - Issue no1 feat. Jonas Åkerlund

  • Cover - Issue no2 feat. Viktor&Rolf

  • Cover - Issue no3 feat. Nadya Tolokonnikova

  • Cover - Issue no4 feat. Jeremy Scott

  • Cover - Issue no5 feat. Daniel Lismore

  • Photographer Johan Lindeberg, Stylist Maria Montti

  • Photographer Jonas Åkerlund, Stylist Bea Åkerlund

  • Photographer Christian Högstedt, Stylist Marcell Rocha

  • Photographer Joel Rhodin, Stylist Kari Hirvonen

  • Photographer Nina Holma, Stylist Kari Hirvonen

  • Photographer Andreas Kock, Stylist Kari Hirvonen

  • Photographer Landon Nordeman, Stylist Kusum Lynn

  • Photographer Lars Bronseth, Stylist Christopher Insulander

  • Interview with Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova by Jonas Åkerlund

BOY Magazine

Brand Identity, Art Direction, Concept Design, Graphic Design