• Refreshed brand identity for the town of Eksjö - Sweden's best-preserved wooden town located in the southern part of Sweden. During the process we also developed a significant pastry for the town called Eksjöknuten - a classic Swedish "cinnamon knot" filled with lingonberry jam and a special blend of spices including allspice, cinnamon, cardamom, among others. The knot can only be bought at local bakeries and pastry shops in the area around the town of Eksjö.

  • Eksjöknuten - a significant pastry from the town of Eksjö. Cecilia Andersson - Pastry Chef of the Year 2012 was the leader during the development process.

  • Calligrapher Marianne Pettersson-Soold.

  • Poster design for Det stora Kafferepet. Photographer Johan Lindqvist.

Eksjö kommun

Brand Identity, Art Direction, Concept Design, Graphic Design